In your 50’s? You might be at the peak of your creativity

midlife creative peak
Photo by Doriana Dream

There are two different life cycles of creativity, one that hits some people early in their career and another that more often strikes later in life, a study of winners of the Nobel Prize in economics finds. “We believe what we found in this study isn’t limited to economics, but could apply to creativity more generally,” said Bruce … Read more

Age discrimination at work is alive and well, study confirms

age discrimination at work
Photo by Emma Paillex/Unsplash

Age stereotypes can strongly affect people’s choices about who to hire, research from psychologists at the University of Kent in the UK has shown. If one of two equally well-qualified job candidates is described as having stereotypically ‘young’ characteristics, and the other has stereotypically ‘old’ characteristics, the ‘younger’ candidate is more likely to be selected, … Read more

Six myths about middle-aged job seekers…Busted!

Middle-aged man working

Why should anyone hire a middle-aged person? They’re old, tired, inflexible and can’t keep up. Besides, they’ll probably retire in a few years anyway. Wrong, all wrong! Modern work life is for the fast, furious, flexible—and the young. That’s the impression that you get when browsing through job postings. None of the ads—obviously—expresses directly that … Read more