Your story, your words

With the halfway nearing—or already past you—what is it that has changed the most in your life? Did your job become meaningless? Did your marriage run out of steam for good? Have you had to suffer a loss of someone you loved? Struggling to come to terms with an empty nest? How has this weird thing called midlife been for you? All that you expected, or something entirely different? What has been fun, what not so? Share your story with us!

You’re not alone

You might think that you’re alone with your ponderings and struggles—and someone else out there might think they are. But you know, there’s almost certainly at least one other person in the world who is feeling what you’re feeling or going through similar things to yours.

Sharing helps us connect. It makes us remember—once again—that we are not so different after all. And that all those picture-perfect lives that we witness and present in the social media are often just that and nothing more: pretty pictures.

How to contribute

You can send us your story either using the form below or by sending us an email to We’ll let you know within two weeks if we think that it’s suitable to be published on D:M.

Please remember to include your contact email. If you don’t want your real name published, a nickname will be fine, too. On the other hand, if you’d like your name out there and perhaps a link to your own blog, we are more than happy to do so.

Looking forward to hearing from you!