Age discrimination at work is alive and well, study confirms

age discrimination at work
Photo by Emma Paillex/Unsplash

Age stereotypes can strongly affect people’s choices about who to hire, research from psychologists at the University of Kent in the UK has shown. If one of two equally well-qualified job candidates is described as having stereotypically ‘young’ characteristics, and the other has stereotypically ‘old’ characteristics, the ‘younger’ candidate is more likely to be selected, … Read more

Hot flashes impair memory performance

hot flashes impairs memory
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If you’re having difficulty identifying the right word to express yourself clearly or remembering a story correctly, you may blame menopause. A new study suggests that hot flashes may alter hippocampal and prefrontal cortex function to decrease verbal memory. According to the study, physiologic hot flashes are associated with decreased verbal memory and with alterations … Read more

New menopause drug to reduce the severity of hot flashes in just days

new menopause drug for hot flushes
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A new class of experimental drugs reduces hot flashes in menopausal women by almost three-quarters in just three days. A future alternative to hormone replacement therapy? The treatment, tested by scientists at Imperial College London, also reduces the severity of hot flashes by over a third within three days of taking it. The research, funded … Read more

Wrinkles don’t matter so much when you’re middle-aged

Middle-aged wrinkles
Image by Jayakody Anthanas

Women who’ve passed the so-called ‘midlife crisis’ phase, don’t worry about their wrinkles and deteriorating health as much as younger women. Anne Barrett, a sociology professor and director of FSU’s Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, found that young women’s greater anxieties about declines in health and attractiveness degrade their emotional well-being, while older … Read more

Middle-aged women drink more than their younger peers

midlife drinking

Women aged 50–70 are more likely than younger women to consume alcohol at levels that exceed low-risk drinking guidelines – and most think that’s just perfectly fine. New Edith Cowan University (ECU) research has found that despite the potential health risks of exceeding national drinking guidelines, many middle-aged and young-old women who consume alcohol at … Read more

Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties

midlife memory loss

A large-scale longitudinal study carried out by University of Sussex psychologists has found a clear link between episodes of depression and anxiety experienced by adults in their twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function by the time they are in their fifties. Original press release: University of Sussex/Anna Ford The study, published … Read more

Six ways to boost your middle-aged brain

Middle-aged woman leaning on an old door

None of us wants to lose the ability to think complex thoughts and solve tricky problems. How can we look after our middle-aged brains and our cognitive abilities? Here are six easy, yet sometimes so difficult, ways to increase our chances of having a healthy, well-functioning brain from midlife to old age. 1. Maintain a … Read more

A clear increase in falls after 40 – especially among women

A woman sitting on the side of the road.

It’s not only the older adults that trip and tumble— us midlifers do it, too. Researchers have found that there is a sharp increase in falls after the age of 40, particularly among women. The study found that for women the prevalence of falls increases by 9% among those who are in their early to … Read more