Smell the roses while you sleep – a fascinating interplay of scent, sleep and memory

Process that uses smell can strengthen memories stored on one side of the brain. A new study has yielded an innovative method for bolstering memory processes in the brain during sleep. The method relies on a memory-evoking scent administered to one nostril. It helps researchers understand how sleep aids memory. Sleep strengthens memories “We know … Read more

Stress linked to memory decline in middle-aged women – but not men

Stressful life experiences among middle-aged women — but not men — are linked to greater memory decline in later life, an analysis by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers reveals. The researchers say their findings add to evidence that stress hormones play an uneven gender role in brain health, and align with well-documented higher rates of Alzheimer’s … Read more

Hot flashes impair memory performance

hot flashes impairs memory
Photo by David Matos on Unsplash

If you’re having difficulty identifying the right word to express yourself clearly or remembering a story correctly, you may blame menopause. A new study suggests that hot flashes may alter hippocampal and prefrontal cortex function to decrease verbal memory. According to the study, physiologic hot flashes are associated with decreased verbal memory and with alterations … Read more

Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties

midlife memory loss

A large-scale longitudinal study carried out by University of Sussex psychologists has found a clear link between episodes of depression and anxiety experienced by adults in their twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function by the time they are in their fifties. Original press release: University of Sussex/Anna Ford The study, published … Read more