A low-carb diet may prevent and even reverse age-related changes of the brain


Neurobiological changes associated with ageing can be seen much earlier than would be expected, in the late 40’s, a new study shows. But now researchers may have found a way to prevent or reverse these effects. Age-related brain changes may be prevented or reversed by minimizing the consumption of simple carbohydrates, the study led by … Read more

Midlife physical activity linked to better brain health later in life

midlife exercise improves brain health
Photo by Fitsum Admasu

Keep up those gym visits and evening jogs and zumba classes: A long-term study of twins finds that moderately vigorous physical activity could lead to better cognition at old age. A 25-year follow-up study of 3050 twins from the Finnish Twin Cohort has shown that midlife, moderately vigorous physical activity—more strenuous than walking —is associated … Read more

Hot flashes impair memory performance

hot flashes impairs memory
Photo by David Matos on Unsplash

If you’re having difficulty identifying the right word to express yourself clearly or remembering a story correctly, you may blame menopause. A new study suggests that hot flashes may alter hippocampal and prefrontal cortex function to decrease verbal memory. According to the study, physiologic hot flashes are associated with decreased verbal memory and with alterations … Read more

Six ways to boost your middle-aged brain

Middle-aged woman leaning on an old door

None of us wants to lose the ability to think complex thoughts and solve tricky problems. How can we look after our middle-aged brains and our cognitive abilities? Here are six easy, yet sometimes so difficult, ways to increase our chances of having a healthy, well-functioning brain from midlife to old age. 1. Maintain a … Read more