Middle age may be much more stressful now than in the 1990s

stressed at midlife
Photo by Matteo Vistocco

Even before the novel coronavirus started sweeping the globe, a new study found that life may be more stressful now than it was in the 1990s – especially to those in their midlife years. If life feels more stressful now than it did a few decades ago, you’re not alone. A team of researchers led … Read more

Narcissism wears off as we age – but not for everyone

young man taking selfie
Photo by Rohan Pandavadra

The belief that one is smarter, better looking, more successful and more deserving than others—a personality trait known as narcissism—tends to wane as a person matures, a recent study confirms. But not for everyone, and not to the same extent. “Very few people, only 3% of participants, actually increased in overall narcissism between the ages … Read more

Why middle-aged entrepreneurs are better than young ones

middle-aged entrepreneur
Photo by Remy Baudouin on Unsplash

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are three of the biggest role models for entrepreneurs. They are all famous for starting their companies in their early 20s and in many ways set the benchmark for what a successful entrepreneur looks like. And yet, there is reason to believe that we’d be better off investing … Read more

I’m a novelist – and this is why I choose middle-aged women as the heroes of my crime thrillers

middle-aged heroines in books

Mystery is the bestselling genre in literature. Crime/mystery fiction, to give the genre its full title, beats inspirational, science fiction, horror and apparently even romance to take the top spot. And why not? There’s someone for everyone in crime/mystery – elderly lady sleuths, amateur Palestinian sleuths, professional Belgian sleuths, thoughtful Scottish police officers, embittered Scottish … Read more