Solving a biological puzzle: How stress turns your hair grey

middle-aged woman with grey hair

For a long time, anecdotes have connected stressful experiences with the phenomenon of hair greying. Now, for the first time, scientists have discovered exactly how the process plays out. Stress activates nerves that are part of the fight-or-flight response, which in turn cause permanent damage to pigment-regenerating stem cells in hair follicles. The study, published … Read more

The sun damages everyone’s skin – but how exactly it shows depends on your skin type

woman sunbathing by the sea

As we age, our skins age, too. Too much sunshine is bad for us all, but the type of damage depends on whether your skin type is light or dark.  A review paper in Clinics in Dermatology discusses how ageing presents in patients and the differences that are attributed to skin type, exposures and genetic factors. … Read more

The science behind skin rejuvenation by laser and retinoic acid

skin treatment science
Photo by Christin Hume

Many turn to lasers and prescription drugs to smooth out wrinkles, erase scars and sunspots, but exactly how the rejuvenation works, has not been fully explained—until now. Now, Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered that laser treatments and the drug retinoic acid share a common molecular pathway. Moreover, that pathway — which lets skin cells sense … Read more