Can this new anti-ageing supplement turn back the clock?

Nad+ anti-ageing drug

Recently, a new molecule has been added to the list of possible anti-ageing drugs: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD+ for short. Has the secret of eternal youth finally been discovered? Increases in lifespan are one of the greatest success stories of modern society. Yet while most of us can expect to live longer, we are … Read more

Is the “midlife crisis” a real thing?

two middle-aged men
Photo by Mauro Paillex

Middle age is often seen as life’s pivot point. A hill has been climbed and the view over the other side is unsettling. As Victor Hugo said: “forty is the old age of youth” and “fifty the youth of old age”. The idea adults in midlife face a dark night of the soul – or … Read more

Why middle-aged entrepreneurs are better than young ones

middle-aged entrepreneur
Photo by Remy Baudouin on Unsplash

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are three of the biggest role models for entrepreneurs. They are all famous for starting their companies in their early 20s and in many ways set the benchmark for what a successful entrepreneur looks like. And yet, there is reason to believe that we’d be better off investing … Read more

I’m a novelist – and this is why I choose middle-aged women as the heroes of my crime thrillers

middle-aged heroines in books

Mystery is the bestselling genre in literature. Crime/mystery fiction, to give the genre its full title, beats inspirational, science fiction, horror and apparently even romance to take the top spot. And why not? There’s someone for everyone in crime/mystery – elderly lady sleuths, amateur Palestinian sleuths, professional Belgian sleuths, thoughtful Scottish police officers, embittered Scottish … Read more

Midlife Parenting: What I wish I had known about teenagers before I had children

Group of teenagers for a story about midlife parenting

I love and adore my teenage son. At 16, he’s wiser and more thoughtful than I ever was during my romance, makeup and fashion fueled teen years. He makes me proud every day. But, largely due to his insatiable appetite and underdeveloped teenage frontal cortex, he also makes me mad. If someone had told me … Read more

Diagnosis: Midlife – Wait… What?!

Hourglass as a midlife symbol

In the face of inevitable mortality, shortcomings of achievements, sagging knees and unfulfilled hopes and dreams—what do you expect? Of course, I’m suffering from a midlife crisis. I’m not only swimming in it, I’m diving in it against my will without an oxygen tank. In fact, I’m surprised if anyone my age is not. Sleep … Read more